CSS E-Commerce Site

27 Mar 2004

We're wrapping up our first fully CSS website at work, and it's been pretty hard going. I'll post the results in a few days, when it goes live. I have to say there have been times when I've been very frustrated with layout problems, but it's turned out well in the end. It's a fairly high traffic site, so we'll see bandwidth benefits from it.

We use an HTML text editor on the back end. I didn't know how it worked at first (it's third party) - the HTML wasn't being generated within the Javascript for the editor. It seems that IE has some kind of API to generate HTML and this editor just ties into that. The trouble is, it's spitting out font tags and B instead of STRONG.... argh! I need an alternative which is as easy to use. Any ideas? I've suggested using a plain text area and just using something like BBCode, which would let us do what we want but it's as user friendly....

There must be a way round this - it would be a nice finish to the project if we could produce valid XHTML.

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