Samba Read Write Share

02 Nov 2004

Managed to get a Samba share running on my server such that it can be accessed from my main Windows PC. This is great. I can edit files on my server as if it was another directory on my main PC. I've used this to make every page on here one again CSS/XHTML. I think it was like this a long time ago, but some horrible crash wiped it out.

For those interested, my Samba config is like this:

netbios name = LinuxServer
workgroup = KENMORE
security = share
path = /var/www/html/
comment = Share
force user = root
force group = root
guest ok = Yes
read only = No

Share is the name of the... well, the share. It's just a label so it could be anything. Along with the netbios name, it means my share is accessed through "\\Linuxserver\share\". The user is forced to root, which is very very bad, I know. Still, it works for my botched server. "Guest ok" lets me log in as anon and "read only" along with a user with write permissions (i.e. root) lets me change rather than just view files. Samba is great.

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