TickerTape News Component Update

08 May 2007

I've updated my javascript TickerTape to version 1.1, and introduced a couple of new features. Firstly, one which was requested by a few people, rolling over the ticker now causes it to stop scrolling until you move out again. This prevents the item you're interested in zipping off the screen before you can click it.

Secondly, the ticker can now be configured to scroll horizontally, which opens up a whole new slew of applications. You can see both of these features in action in the new horizontal demo, available in the archive. The current version of the TickerTape component can always be found here:

Latest JavaScript TickerTape Component

Incidentally, because IE7 doesn't allow XMLHttpRequests to the local filesystem, you'll have to upload the demos to your own webserver rather than view them on your own PC. They work locally in Firefox just fine.

Update: The TickerTape is now available on Google Code. Downloads have been updated to reflect this.

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