Phone2Flickr update - Send Your Phone Photos to Flickr

16 Sep 2007

I've updated Phone2Flickr to 0.2, which while still very much an unstable product is a lot more useful than the earlier 0.1 release. I've added a wizard-style preferences screen which guides users through the steps needed to set the program up with their device. More importantly I've back-ported Phone2Flickr to .NET 2.0 which opens it up to a whole load more users.

Remind me - what does Phone2Flickr do?

Leave it running in the background and Phone2Flickr will grab photos from your phone when you come into range, and then send those photos up to your Flickr account. You need a Bluetooth enabled device which supports the Obex file browsing service; most new phones will.

Downloading and Contributing

Phone2Flickr 0.2 can be downloaded here. Thanks to Sean Chambers for encouraging the development of the new release!

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