Where's He Going?

20 Feb 2004

Postmodern culture is suffering. We are experiencing an identity crisis, as "cool" becomes an archipelago of marketing hype and "self" becomes the direction of the swarm. Within our own selves we are drowning in a sea of mediocrity and uncertainty. It's time to look for tangental solution.

In British society there has, for over fifty years, been a constant reminder of who we need to become. The Green Man, hero of road crossings across the country will be our beacon. This outlet of positive thought can show us the path through uncertainty and allow us to say "go". Like his, our outlook can be progressive.

The Red Man represents our current society. Bogged down by restraint, by over-caution and nay-saying.

The Green Man keeps his constant vigil, without rest or complaint. His optimistic can-do attitude remains. Who would deny that this is the perfect guide to this new millenium?

"Inspired" by Doctor Who's ramblings last week. You see what comes of having a drunken Tramp talk to you down the phone?

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