Looking As They Are

10 Sep 2004

In some ways the new Embrace album, Out Of Nothing, is disappointing. What became of all those claims to eclecticism? Where are the songs where Mike puts down his drums and picks up the drum machine, the sequencer and the sampler and creates some fucked up fuzz-jazz beat? Where are the songs where they put down the guitars and pick up something else?

They are nowhere to been seen, and now that DFM has passed I don't think they are on the horizon. This album is pretty much what I expected; until the last two tracks there is nothing that out of the ordinary. But it's really fucking good, really polished and exactly what was needed.

Embrace are Embrace, and I love them for it. But they could be so much more, they should be so much more. I can't wait to see if they realise this for the next album.

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