01 Sep 2004

Danny Mc was on XFM tonight, talking through their new album, Out Of Nothing. You can tell he's very very excited about what's going on; Gravity is number five in the midweeks, and I'm going to turn in the face of Clur's predictions and saw that it will stay there.

This is their time.

I'm also hearing very good things about the gigs they've been playing, and I'll probably do a big feature on my trip to London on Friday, when they play Shepherd's Bush. I'm looking forward to Izzy coming back and us getting the new H&L interviews section online, thanks to the material Clur has sent us we're going to have a wealth of information.

Good times. Over 200,000 hits to the site in the past month. I have no idea what's going to happen if the new album goes all huge...

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