Music Diary 2012 - Day 2

08 May 2012

Yesterday's entry was a little bit rushed. Today's a proper working day so I'll write the post as the day goes on.

Moving Up Country by James Yorkston & The Athletes (spotify link)
I really enjoy James Yorkston's stuff. This is 10 years old now, and I only listened to it for the first time last week. This was my second run through, and it's beginning to capture me.

Hello Land by Guillemots
Notice about this release dropped into my inbox yesterday and I bought it this morning. Unexpectedly, I rather enjoyed it. Guillemots last two albums have been mostly mediocre, with Fyfe's ventures into popland spilling into Guillemots' music. This seemed better, and will definitely get a few more listens.

Diamond Mine by King Cresote & Jon Hopkins (spotify link)
First listen. Bats in the Attic particularly beautiful.

Boys and Girls by Alabama Shakes (spotify link)

Didn't know what to expect from this so I was pleasantly surprised. Good vocals with a classic jangley guitar sound, without sounding cliched. Needs more listens are in order to see if the songs stand up to the promise.

In The Yard by Neil Morgan (spotify link)


The First Big Weekend by Arab Strap (spotify link)

Lovely day here in Falmouth town and for some reason this popped into my head as I walked down the street, so I listened to it when I got back.

Port of Morrow by The Shins (spotify link)

The first two tracks are great, but I haven't got into the rest yet.

1972 by Josh Rouse (spotify link)

A bit of reminiscing...

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