RSS Panel Update

11 May 2004

I never told you the name of my extension - it's the feedomatic. Here's announcing The Feed-O-Matic 250. It provides a resizable three pane interface which allows you to browse a list of feed, a list of items in a feed and the URL which of one of those items is linking to. In other words, it's very very basic. However I have managed to stop stealing everything from other extensions, and I'm pleased with progress thus far.

The next version, Feed-O-Matic 500 will see periodic updates, some pretty styling, and particular bugfix. The update thing is fairly fundamental so that's why I'm assigning an internal milestone to this.

Incidentally, Feed-O-Matic 1000 will be the first release, probably for Firefox 0.9. There's no point in me releasing something just to have to re-package it for autoupdate. I'll bugfix until post-0.9 and release then.

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