Screencast - DataViews and Uploading in ExtJS

27 Apr 2008

My screencasts are consistently popular, so I thought I'd create another which talks about a slick usage of my favourite JS framework, Ext JS. In this screencast, I show how to display images stored on a server directory using a PHP JSON backend which provides data to an Ext DataView. I then allow deletion of these images and uploading of new images in an Ajax-style fashion, with no page refreshes.

This approach can be useful when editing a complex form - the details of a product you're selling on your ecommerce site, for example - and you want to upload images without having to repopulate the other form fields when the page reloads, as it would with a standard file upload.

You can view the screencast here or download the full download the source code. I use loeppky's BrowseButton extension for Ext 2, which you can read more about at his forum post. I hope you enjoy the screencast which is provided in association with Plastiscenic Ltd.

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