Databinding and ActiveRecord - Screencast Three

19 Apr 2007

The third screencast in the series talks about the Databind attribute in Monorail, which allows you to bind values to objects. I also extend the example to use ActiveRecord, and save the databound object to a database.

It begins to highlight some of the more advanced uses of Monorail, and introduces the Castle implementation of the Active Record pattern. In the next screencast, I'll be consolidating on the topics I've covered so far and address some of the real work problems which Monorail can easily solve.

One point of relevance: the use of ActiveRecord with Monorail is completely optional. I've used it here because I feel they integrate well, but if you've got another persistance framework which you'd prefer to use then that's possible too!

Don't forget to watch Getting Started with Monorail and Using Monorail, the first two screencasts in the series.

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