Weblogs.ASP.NET - An Advertising Platform?

15 Jul 2008 varies in quality quite a bit, but it's worth being subscribed just so you always catch ScottGu's postings. But recently I've noticed the Visual WebGui blog. This is effectively a product blog - every post since February is a promo for the Visual WebGui tool. Is this what is about? Should posts like this be a regular feature in the content of this community web site? Is it really in the interest of the community at large? Andrew Stopford also has a blog there, and while he talks about MbUnit a lot, his posts never feel like they were written by a marketing department. He also speaks on quite a range of subjects, so his blog doesn't leave me with a bad taste in my mouth in the way the Visual WebGui one does.

I guess posters can write whatever they like, but it seems like a waste to turn a good community into an advertising platform.

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