I love it when a plan comes together (a tale of Monorail, ActiveRecord and ExtJS)

08 Oct 2007

I've blogged before about the enabling features of Monorail and Active Record, part of the Castle stack. Another piece of software which is making my development life a pleasure is ExtJS - a collection of javascript goodies created by Jack Slocum and his team - and when these three things come together, watch that coding fly.... I've created a screencast in which I demonstrate how easy it is to build a paging, sorting, filtering, AJAX-powered grid using ExtJS and Castle, and you can watch it here. It's 20 minutes long but filled with goodness - and a couple of hacks (forgive me :). Don't forget to check out all my past screencasts too.

UPDATE: As requested in the comments, you can MonorailExt1 VS Project directory of this.

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