Late Night Programming

26 Feb 2004

I expect to get a bit done tonight for my project review in the morning. Here's what I'm going to present:

* backend admin system
* news/features with integrated comments
* shopping cart system
* band front end
* band back end
* beginnings of streaming radio
* beginnings of a Flash song composition app
* associated chatroom system for above

Now, these are all well and good, but I need to think of what I'm going to do to make it all more media-oriented. The Flash app should help, it's going to have a ton of samples and is very interactive. But I need visual stuff. I'm thinking t-shirt designer to start with. I don't want to do any video stuff - the web isn't ready for it, and an offline component to this project is not appropriate in my opinion. But this is supposed to be a "Media Project" and I suspect that what I've produced so far won't meet that description well enough.

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